Semester 2 Degree is here~!

8:38 PM

Literature for children~

After 2 semesters of sleeping in the same room, here I am writing this in a new room, B2E. But my roommate has been my roommate for the past 3 semesters~! This semester is the 4th semester that I'm roommates with her. Yeay~! Well, tomorrow is another starting point for a new journey. The journey of knowledge and a new semester~! Other than that, this will be my last semester here in Sabah before leaving for UiTM Shah Alam (or is the Faculty of Education will be transfered to Puncak Alam? Up until now I'm still not sure..@_@) What about my last semester's result? It was quite okay. I wasn't disappointed at all. I'm grateful for it. Thank you Lord~!

This semester's subjects:

EDU 453 - Sociology in Education
EDU 455 - Instructional technology
TSL 430 - Literature in Malaysian Schools
TSL 450 - Principles & practices in English Language Teaching
CTU - Hubungan Etnik
TSL 651 - Literature for children & young adults

I wonder what challenges I will be facing this semester... Hm....

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