Kem Barnabas 2011!

1:14 PM

The coldness, the camaraderie, praising God for His goodness...yeap, the feeling of excitement is there! The food there were delicious, the bed was comfortable, the view there was calming. We don't have to go to Ranau to feel the mist. The location there is enough for us to experience the cold mist because it is located on top of a mountain called Bukit Kokol which is somewhere in Menggatal. I made new friends from other IPGs in Sabah and UniRazak. This was the camp where Christian teacher trainees gather and build our faith as Christian teachers to prepare ourselves for the teaching world after we graduate. I hope to see them again next year! I thank the Lord for giving me the chance to participate in the camp. It was definitely worth it! Hallelujah, praise the Lord!

 Unique structure isn't it? Slanting cross.

 All of us plus the in-service teachers.

 Yea, only 5 of us from IPG Gaya.

I was the only sumandak from my IPG who participated in the camp.
The others were my bodyguards. Haha.

My group~ K.I.T.T.Y! Miaw~~~~

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