9:38 PM

I don't know whether I'm influenced by my peers or my brother, suddenly the sight of bookstores fascinate me. I just couldn't wait to browse and grab a few books. Off course usually I'd be browsing and not purchasing because I'd remember I have a few more books to complete - this is what I am currently facing. I just hope I can control myself from buying new books when I still have a few pending books waiting to be completed.

Genres of books that attract me are usually something inspirational and also for spiritual growth. Inspirational novels - preferably from true accounts, and any other non-fiction books certainly are in my list. I have to think twice when it comes to fiction novels though, especially love novels. But I would still reconsider. Some are told in a very cliche way. Different people have different opinions, I'm just stating mine.

Here is where I keep a list of my 'read, to-read and currently reading' books. It's a good site for readers to browse books and read other reader's review. Unfortunately, some of the books that are being reviewed there are not available in my country - what a bummer! x( 

Now I'm on my holidays. Reading is one of my newest hobbies and guess what, it is not by force. I guess I just love reading now and improve on my vocab and grammar, and also to look at the world at another perspective through reading books. I call this exciting~! :D Ah well, I guess I have to explore more different genres of books. Besides, I've just started.

p/s: Before this I did not notice that people are not able to comment on my posts. Now my fellow readers can comment~! Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Hehe~

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