Mesilau and Keningau Trip

7:08 AM

My friends and I have been going on a road trip for 2 consecutive days. Each road trip took about 2 hours. Well, this is what we do when we do not have anything left to do after exams other than to wait for their flight (I don't have to go back by flight. Well duh, LOL.)

Mesilau Trip

I love Susu sagar Desa. Notice the Sabahan slang for 'segar'. Haha~ You can trick people by telling them that you went to New Zealand but its actually in Mesilau, Kundasang. This is where they process the famous susu sagar desa. I love it to be chocolate flavoured. The air was cold but its unfortunate that we have to breathe in the end products of the cows at the same time. Haha. Nice place for a photoshoot if the sky is blue. Unfortunately, the sky was not blue when we got there. Boo-hoo~

Keningau Trip

Keningau is one of my classmate's hometown. We took a 2 hour ride using Tung Ma Bus Express. My ears suffered during the middle of the trip. It felt like a needle was piercing through my ears. Anyway, we   stopped by Bunsit (Buncit? LOL.) River. Only the guys had the chance to swim in the river while us girls only sat on the rock and watched and get splashed at.

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