Love chat

2:08 AM

On the stroke of midnight, her hands were shaky by the coldness of the air conditioner in her room. The jacket that she wore couldn’t keep her warm. She kept on thinking the suitable words that she wanted to type. She says to herself that she should be herself. She felt a little disappointment everytime his chat box went offline. He was offline for about an hour. She thought that was the end of her chat with him. Then he appears online again. That made her happy. She sent the last message before he went offline. Feeling of awkwardness started to control her everytime she wanted to initiate a conversation. She waited and waited and waited. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to start the conversation somehow. She had longed for the opportunity to converse privately with him, even if it is only through an online chat.

She started to think of words that she should type that doesn’t sound awkward. It made her nervous to start a chat with this particular guy. Then she had an idea. So she typed ‘I thought you went to sleep?’, She thought that question didn’t sound awkward. She waited for a minute for him to reply. She thought of so many things during that one whole minute. It concerned her that much over this guy who had known about her feelings towards him. She felt like a bimbo. The night was a surprise for her because he chatted with her first. A situation which she would never have expected to happen after 7-8 months of not chatting online with each other.

As she typed, as the simple chat had somehow turned into a casual conversation between friends, she got to know him more. A smile on her face emerged while she read his messages. Funny guy, she thought. She took the chance to make fun of him – in a harmless way of course, for the purpose of laughter and to kill the boredom.

Then the topic of his smile came. He did not acknowledge his own smile but she did. She reminisced on his smile. How she was attracted to his sweet smile. She was going to praise his smile but she joked about it a little before he – went offline again. She thought it must be the problem with his internet line again - or worse, his strategy to get away from chatting with her. She did not know what to think but to wait. She waited, waited, and waited. He never appeared online again.

The chance to say good night to him seemed to had never been fated since the beginning of the chat....much like the love story that she had hoped for...

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