I wanna read 'em

11:01 PM

I think I've mentioned about reading in few of my posts. I currently have 5 books that are pending and are waiting to be read. I plan to buy at least 2 more books and read it during this semester break. I went to browse some books at Harris, 1Borneo. Books written by Sophie Kinsella & Max Lucado seemed to caught my interest.

Everytime I go into a boosktore, I would browse Sophie Kinsella's books though I didn't have the heart to buy them due to other busy-ness in my life. Besides, the cover of the novels are pretty. They are the kind of books that every girl would want to buy. One of her books had been made into a movie - Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Max Lucado, an American Christian author and a pastor who has sold many books on Christianity through out the world. A friend of mine introduced this author to me. The irony is, she's a Muslim. But that is what I call 'friendship knows no boundaries' - regardless of the differences in religions.

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