Give thanks

3:28 PM

We always thought that what we have in this world belongs to us. Sometimes we’ve taken for granted for the things that we own. Cars, house, money…etc. We tend to own these things. But in truth, these are the things that God has given to us. Everything that we own belongs to God including our very own life. As humans, we tend to be very boastful and proud of the things that we have and also we tend to boast by saying that it is by our own strength and effort that we’re able to posses those things without acknowledging and thanking God for it. What we posses we must be responsible for it and do it for the glory of God and not to abuse it. The things that we own…does not belong to us forever. God has the power to take them away from us anytime… Therefore, be thankful and give thanks to God everyday. 

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