8:33 AM

...well, just for about 2 months time. I have 7 more semesters to go which is equal to 3 1/2 years. Finally, I'm free. Now I can focus on reading the pending books and do some photography projects. This is the freedom that I have been waiting for during this semester. I hope I can use my 2 months of freedom wisely and not only going online, eat & sleep.

In occasion to our end of semester exam, we had a barbeque party at Tanjung Lipat with our class tutor and Miss Eva - she'll be migrating to Australia. Although we didn't get the chance to be taught by her, there are many things that I think we mostly admired about her. She is a friendly and sweet person and also she is super talented! Heard her sang live and also in one of her Facebook videos.

That's her.

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