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The title of this post is a title of a song by Madcon, a song most b-boys & b-girls would love to dance to - personally, I do.

A new passion (photography) and focusing on studies have almost kept my passion from dancing going. I think it is almost 2 months that I haven't gone for training with the guys. Miss them though. Miss their crazy antics.There were so much going on in my life that I had almost forgotten that I'm a b-girl. Almost everything about the b-boying scene - particularly in Borneo, that I haven't heard of. I felt very left behind. I didn't even bother to watch my friends and also crew rivals on TV! Borneo Crew and Dejavu Breakerz - both crews are from Sabah and they are on Showdown this year...only on 8 TV. *ehem2* It's not that nobody told me and heck, it was all over Facebook and I didn't even bother. It was just that I was too busy. If any of you out there who would know me personally, I'm the sort of person who puts studies first rather than any other activities. When that became the priority, everything else seemed less important. Imagine if I had a boyfriend....@_@....


During those 2 months, I felt like I hadn't had the passion for dancing anymore - or so I thought. The busyness kept me from having fun. I didn't even bother to go out, not even with my close friends in college. I even missed the few movies that they said that were epic - 'Thor' & 'Fast & Furious 5'! Hearing their experience about the movie kind of made me feel like I have missed a very epic moment in history....LoL. But what to do...I had other important things to focus on. Regarding the b-boying scene, my crew - Overturn 360 (formerly known as 'VilloDiacz Crew') will be representing Sabah for Floor Approval in Kuching around this month. I didn't get to participate due to time factors and I haven't trained for 2 months. I don't wanna look like a noob while battling. I didn't even join any b-boying competitions since...last December...LoL. Seems like only during the holidays that I can be really active in training. 

So now it is the holidays~ I begin to train and work on my pending skills and I hope to improve and create new least improve a little bit before college reopens. Now I feel like I'm gaining back my passion as a b-girl. Dancing never felt this fun. I think it is because I don't have to think of other things such as exams that is why my mind and body feel so free to dance and feel the music. I want to make my crew proud!

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