TESL Nite 2011: An avenue of icons

10:27 AM

This year, the event was organized by our batch. It is the tradition for the TESLians in IPG Gaya to organize an event to gather all the TESLians for one night. This year's venue was at Hotel Shangrila, Tanjung Aru and the theme was to portray your favourite celebrity or icon. As usual, there were performances and lucky draws...which I didn't get any....HAHA! xD

I didn't get to fully enjoy the food from the event. I was too busy walking around and taking pictures because I was the official photographer for the event with a little help from the others as well. Used a Tamron AF 18-200mm this time. Borrowed it from my cousin Gladys. I even got to experiment with the lightings on stage~

Invited my brothers to the event

Can u guess which icon I'm portraying as? xD

My class's performance. (I was at the back with the umbrella)

My class! (thnx to Anip for snapping this pic!)

More pictures from the event here. Btw, I've only uploaded a few of them.

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