20 days and counting

2:32 PM

...til exam.

This is the worst stressful period that I've ever experienced in my whole entire life. 20 days is not that lengthy. It'short. We still have assignments to be done. My mind is jumbled up with work. I haven't even covered all the topics that I have to study on my own yet. The subjects for this semester are quite challenging. No more playing. Time to get serious. No more afternoon naps - it's one of the factors that makes me waste my time. Use every free time that I get and study. Coffee is essential for me at the moment - it keeps me active, focused and awake. Just for this 20 days though. Other aspects of my life are being put aside for the moment. 100% focusing on exams.

Dear God, please give me strength and positivity towards this period before the upcoming exam so that I can be well prepared~

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