Y.O.U Concert

11:12 PM

Y.O.U stands for Youth of Unity. The concert was held in Sacred Heart Multipurpose Hall. The event was specially for youths and it is held every year. This was my first time participating in the event. The event was promoted through my college's Christian Student Group. College and university Christian students from all over K.K joined in the event. For me, the most important part of the event was the skit. The skit was creative, funny and meaningful. It conveys an important message and a reminder for youths especially the ones who are currently studying in tertiary education.

I really enjoyed the concert especially the skit! I feel calm singing the hymns. I hope I can join more events like this. For me, it is essential for the growing of my faith. ^_^

Praise and worship

The theme for this year's concert.

IPG Gaya and IPG Kent (the majority in this pic are from IPG Kent)

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