rEVOLution P.A.R.T.Y

9:51 AM

Preaching About Revival Through Youth = P.A.R.T.Y
Good job for the acronyms!

The event was organized by The Acts Church which is based in Kuala Lumpur. Their first stop for the tour was Kota Kinabalu! The event was held in Calvary Charismatic Center in Tanjung Aru. I used to go there when I was little. Long story short, it was my first church that I attended for Sunday services. I had the chance to go to the event with my cousins and brother. I knew nobody there except for them and also Mr. Alvin. Yeah, I bumped in to one of the lecturers from the English department. It was good to see him there! This was the 2nd Christian youth concert that I've been to in two weeks in a row. How great is God huh? Woohoo~~~!!!! The event was fun, great and energetic! I have learned more about God and what it means to be a better Christian. With the help of God, I hope to change.

Flyer for REVO P.A.R.T.Y KK
(notice the 'LOVE' word spelled backwards - because God is LOVE!)

Praise and worship

My bro and cousins

Bought the t-shirt and CD!
The Acts Church composed their own songs dedicated to God. Awesome!

*~*~*When I'm weak, then I'm strong, You give me strength to carry on*~*~*

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