Low-key & night photography

11:35 PM

Thinking of doing low-key & night photography (indoors and outdoors) after this. Wait until my final exam ends then I can fully concentrate on practicing my photography skills. Wanna improve my knowledge and skills regarding lightings. It is the skill that I lacked and still incompetent at though I have certainly tried but it is one of the aspects of photography that I'm still not quite satisfied with. The speedlight is still in my wish list, and I was planning to purchase it around next month before TESL Night. But I think I’ll rent a speedlight instead (if I think I really need it) and have a try at it before purchasing my own. After having YM chat with my cousin regarding lightings and such, my dreams of purchasing a speedlight will be put off until further notice. Instead, I think it’s fun to use light from different light sources such as from laptop screen, torch light, light from mobile phones, and light from vehicles (cars, motorcycles) rather than using a speedlight. Photographers need to be innovative right? With the right technique, I think I can achieve producing pictures which are equal to the ones that use speedlight as their light source.

After exams, it'll be photography projects all the way!!!!!
Below here is one of my attempts at producing low-key photographs.

Light source was from my bro's handphone.

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