Hikayat Zell, Afiq, Rachel dan Vanessa - LOL!!!

8:11 PM

They went to Suria Sabah and hung out at Big Apple for a while. Ate carrot cakes which were brought by Rachel. Zell on the other hand has never eaten carrot cake before. She thought it was going to taste disgusting but then it tasted nice - which means, its not disgusting. Though she had just eaten two flavours of doughnuts from Big Apple, she wasn't reluctant to eat another piece of cake. It seemed like it was her lunch for the day. Both Afiq and Zell met a new friend of Rachel's from IPG Sarawak, Miri. Her name is Vanessa! She's Rachel's new coursemate who hails from Kuching, Sarawak. At a glance, Zell knew what her race was. She guessed it right - her race is Bidayuh. (I don't know how she knows...@_@. Instincts I guess.) It was her first time in KK so the three of them gave her a tour around KK. They walked from Suria Sabah to Gaya Street to the Filipiono Market and then lastly to Centre Point to watch a movie called "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa"! (Now do you know the reason behind the name of this blog entry? haha~)

The movie was awesome! At first I thought it was going to be lame. The movie was indeed the dopest Malaysian-made movie ever! I've never seen any Malaysian movie with that type of storyline and cinematography - what more if it is a Malaysian-MADE movie. I hope that one day the Malaysian film industry will be well known through out the world and will even top off Hollywood.

Judging by the movie poster, you know that this is worth watching.

This place again...haha~

It was hotttttttt-----------




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