Danny, Jeff & Keddy

8:24 PM

It has been a month or so since I've conducted a photoshoot. This was a photoshoot requested by Danny - a talented rapper and is currently trying to make it big in Malaysia's Hiphop scene. Danny and Jeff are both my friends and Keddy is one of Danny's friends. He is one of Sabah's Top Male models. He previously won Mr. Harvest Festival in 2008 and he has been modeling for 4 years. This was my first time shooting with a real model and yes, I was nervous because I am only an amateur photographer - whom was photoshooting a real model!!! Fortunately, he decided to pose for free! It was all thanks to Danny~ At first I thought he was going to be the nagging type of model - but I was wrong. He's nice! I was excited for this photoshoot but not really that inspired for ideas (due to assignments and the upcoming exam!!! >,<) but good thing Keddy was present because he gave me ideas for the shoot! :D

Presenting Mr. Harvest Festival 2008 - Keddy



More here.

P/s: I'm getting bored of this place. Haha~ and also...I think I need to make a DIY softbox and probably buy a speed light. Gotta look at the circumstances first. I really need to upgrade on the equipment. I think lighting equipment will be a good start.

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