Hurtful remarks.....

5:40 PM

I would like to mention this again, Valentine's Day has got nothing to do with Christianity and The Holy Bible's teachings. Eventhough St. Valentine was a Christian, the events in the past that created Valentine's Day in honor of St. Valentine happened outside of Biblical events. Therefore, Valentine's Day is not a biblical celebration and hence has got nothing to do with Christianity. Focus on what is in The Bible. View my last blog post regarding Valentine's Day. Some people in this world are being too shallow specifically in my country, over the things that they 'see' instead of doing a thorough research. Why not ask about Valentine's Day from a Christian perspective?

I've heard some allegations from a celebrity Muslim speaker, she specifically said that, may I quote, in Malay - “Maksiat, disko,'couple-couple', bersunyi-sunyian, inilah tradisi bagi masyarakat yang beragama Kristian." in a local talk show on national TV. I am sure that most Christians are hurt by her remark. Islam is a religion which strictly forbids the celebration of Valentine's Day. I respect that but to associate it with Christianity??? What she said has totally no biblical basis. Her remark has totally ruined the images of us Christians especially here in Malaysia. Is this what we call 1 Malaysia? Where's the respect? It is indeed clear that a multicultural and multi-religious country like Malaysia still needs more effort to promote racial and religious understandings and harmony. In short, we have not completely reached 1Malaysia. Tensions between races and religions are always in the news. I personally am sad and sick of it. Anyway, I am glad that the Christian organizations here in Malaysia has not kept quite about this matter. Few reports had been made regarding the sensitive remarks quoted by the celebrity. Read about it here and here. I sure hope that most Muslims in Malaysia are not as shallow minded as her when it comes to these kinds of things.

Disco clubs are created by Satan. They are worldly practices that are created by Satan, not God's. You can see by what clubbing offers. Drinking, free sex, and all the sinful acts that Satan 'likes' you to do. Christians are basically forbidden from going into night clubs and such. Besides, it's a waste of money!!!

About courtship, off course unmarried Christians are encouraged to practice courtship but the ideal Christian courtship is when two people put God in the center of their relationship and always seek guidance from God in their relationship in order to have a longer lasting relationship and to stay away from sinful acts which unmarried couples shouldn't do in order to have a pure relationship before getting married. More about Christian courtship here.

While some people who call themselves 'Christians' but go to night clubs and practice sinful acts during courtship, they are not living up to God's standards because their minds and practices is of more to worldly perspective.

"Why do so many people who profess the name of Christ enjoy the company of God haters? What has light got to do with darkness?" (2 Corinthians 6:14)

I'm glad that God has opened my eyes. I don't want to be the person that I was before. What's in the past, stays in the past.

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