Lost 2 kg~~~~~~ only.

12:56 PM

Girls everywhere in the world are very concerned about weight. That includes me.

On one fine day, I decided to check what my ideal weight is here. My supposed weight is 42kg but previously I was 44kg. Perghhh~~~~ not my ideal wight. No wonder I looked a bit chubby and 'perutku buncit'. LOL~ I thought 44kg was my ideal weight in accordance to my height. But it was not. I went on a diet and exercised regularly during the year end semester break. The diet and exercise plan worked. I lost 1kg per week. Took me two weeks to shed off 2 kg. Not much of a difference though. Thank goodness I was able to sustain my diet. I just couldn't take it anymore because I just luuuuurrrrrvvvvve foooooood~~~~~~!!!!!! The temptation was killing me!!!! >_<

After that, no more dieting and I am freeeee~~~!!!!!! I can eat anything that I want but I would still have to maintain this ideal weight by not consuming too much fats and cholesterol. My tip - only consume food when your stomach 'cries'. LOL. I have average metabolism by the way~

44kg (chubby cheeks~)

42kg (any difference from the first picture?)

Recently my relatives said that I was so skinny. My term for skinny is 'anorexicly skinny'. I would reply "NO. I'm on my ideal weight and my BMI is still normal." gyahaha~~~

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