From CP to JP

9:45 PM

Had a photography outing with my 'so-called' twin, Afiq a.k.a 'Fikku' to practice taking shots on different weather, subjects, landscapes, backgrounds, angles and play around with the camera settings. I'm still weak in some aspects regarding angles and such. But I was the only one with a camera. So, he borrowed mine to take some of his own shots. He's learning I see~ :D We took shots from CP to JP. That is, from Center Point to Jesselton Point. We walked...I repeat...WALKED back and forth...I repeat...BACK AND FORTH from CP to JP. Good exercise I must say! Haha~! On our way back and forth, we saw people holding DSLR cameras everywhere. I saw around 10 today. Wew! But most of all, I'm a bit envious of the people who own longer focal length lenses. Not quite satisfied with my kit lens. But I'll work for it this year. 18-200mm DSLR lens is in my wishlist for this year. Can't decide which brand yet though.

That's Afiq.
(At waterfront, somewhere near CP. Added tone into this one)

Someone had been using this place as a drinking spot. Tisk2~
(On the way to KK Plaza to check out DSLR lenses)

Rested for a while in Big Apple restaurant, Suria Sabah.
(That's my favourite. Yummy~)

A spot for people to fish~
(The sea at Jesselton Point. Added some tone into this one as well)

My 1st attempt at producing light trails.
(This was in front of HQE, on our way back to campus)

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