5 days at UiTM KK, Sabah

7:06 PM

This was my 2nd time stepping into UiTM KK. The first time was for my Asasi TESL interview - which I didn't manage to get through. This time was for the orientation. At 1st I thought..."why in the world would we need to participate in the orientation?? We're not even going to study there!" UiTM KK to be exact. We're all only going to be studying at UiTM Shah Alam next year (that's if all of us passed our part 2 exams). For this year, we'll still be studying and attending classes in IPG Kampus Gaya. It's a twinning program. Have I made myself clear? :D

But then, there were few benefits that I get from attending the orientation such as knowing about OBE (Outcome Based Education), how the system in UiTM works and also learned how to sing the two UiTM theme songs! As a future student of UiTM, I should know about this right? At least I obtained something from the orientation. It's not such a waste after all~

The subjects that I will be taking this semester:

EDU404 - History & Philosophy in Education
EDU430 - Introduction to Guidance and Counselling
TSL420 - Literature in English
TSL426 - Linguistics in Language Teaching
CTU551 - Islamic Civilization and Asian Civilization
EDU550 - Educational Psychology

All of these subjects sound hard. I hope I can cope with all of them. Officially, I am now a Bachelor of Education - Teaching English as Second Language (B. Ed. TESL) part 1 student.

Life in the university sure has changed since my parents' university days. My mom would tell me about the seniors ragging the freshmen and my dad has told me before how he was ragged by the seniors during his time in UiTM. This was around in the early 1980's I think. It has been 30 years...there are no more hardcore raggings. Time has changed, people! Thanks to the law! Woohoo~!!

waiting for our ride home.. (to IPG gaya actually...ahaks!)

kami terpinggir....hahahaa~~ (we were the only group that didn't have any activities during this slot) boring mau mampus~ xD

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