Primary 6 Xiao, Class of 2003 reunion!

6:48 PM

There were 40 students in class 6 Xiao, SJK (c) Hwa Shiong, class of 2003. But only 10 people came. Some couldn't make it because they had other plans. Eventhough it was not merry, we had lots of fun eating at McDonald's and catching up on each other's lives. Most of us have continued our studies and some of us are already working. After 7-8 years of not meeting each other, I'm sure most of us has changed physically, mentally and emotionally. Why would we be still in our 12-year-old selves again right? LOL~ With the topics that we've talked about, I can see that most of us will live a bright future.

I couldn't speak so much of Mandarin anymore because my pin yin is sometimes way out of tune but I did manage to speak a little bit of Mandarin with them. Haven't spoken in Mandarin since I started secondary school. Continued to brush up my Mandarin when I stayed at the maktab hostel. Two of my roomates were Chinese during the 1st semester of foundation programme. Good thing I still have the ability to understand and speak a little bit of it. :D I understood a lot, but spoke a little bit. I mostly forgot my Chinese grammar and sometimes was out of tune. Nevermind, palan2 balajar balik~

Highlight of the day - one of my former classmates said that I was chubbier during my primary school days than I am now. I got surprised by her comment because I didn't realize that I was a chubby kid back then. Good to know that I'm not that chubby anymore huh? hahahhaa~~~

all of us

plus Alice...she was late~

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