My Christmas Day~

4:15 PM

Like every year during Christmas, my family and I will first go to church to hear a sermon and sing Christmas hymns. Usual thing every year. After that, we went to my grandma's house at Penampang and had a Christmas party! Same like every year. But I never get tired of it. It's fun for me every year! There will be another Christmas family gathering with my fraternal family at Kudat but I'm not able to attend it because I have to attend an orientation at UiTM K.K.
But its ok, at least I celebrated Christmas with my maternal family. Merry Christmas to all of you~!

Pictures from the church:

Christmas tree and the cross decorated at the church

The church's caroling team

The church will usually be packed during this time of year

Pastor Jollify!

My family and I~

Pictures from the Christmas party at my grandma's house:

my aunt and my 1 yr old cousin Aiden (alala...menangis la pulakk..)

present giving! my grandma and mom~

Line of pizzas...doesn't this make u drool? hahaha

with my two bodyguards. xD

Uniquely decorated cake

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