Reason for the season

6:38 PM

Christmas, as we all know is a religious celebration for Christians all over the world. Whether they are faithful Christians or not, they will celebrate it anyway because it is written on the calendar and it is also a well known celebration throughout the world. Although The Bible doesn’t tell us to celebrate Christmas but rather I think of it as to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and the reason why he is born into this world – which is to save us from our sins.

Most celebrations nowadays, whether they are religious or non-religious celebrations, will always have a commercial and trendy side to them. Christmas is often associated with Santa Clause, lighted and decorated snowed pine trees and also presents. All of these are influenced by the western culture to make Christmas look merrier and they are the commercialized part of Christmas which Christians should not solely hold on to especially regarding the Santa Clause character and its stories. In western culture, Santa Clause is seen as a big fat guy who comes down to chimneys and gives little kids presents. This belief has been spread throughout the world, including some parts of the world where most houses do not have chimneys. Santa Clause has nothing to do with true Christians who follow Christ. It was originally meant to entertain the children during Christmas time but has now become synonymous with Christmas celebrations and is highly commercialized. Other than that, it has also been mistakenly considered as a Christian religious belief (which is not) by non-Christians. Therefore, the story of Santa Clause should not be created in the first place as it distorts the true meaning of Christmas. In spite of the Santa Clause stories, it is not wrong to decorate our house with the common Christmas decorations that originated in the west and also to celebrate Christmas at a party with some present giving to make the celebration merrier but we must not only view Christmas on its commercial and trendy side. As Christians, we should remember the true meaning of Christmas and not to distort its real meaning.

Often times, when Christmas arrives, most people would make parties and invite their relatives and friends to celebrate Christmas. Some parties are light ones like a small gathering which only includes present giving and dinner or lunch parties without any form of alcohol being served. Some are hardcore parties that are similar to a party that is celebrated in a club. Most of these parties, unfortunately, involve beer – which is not a suitable substance to be consumed especially when it is being drunk at a so-called party to celebrate Christmas. These types of parties are becoming a ‘trend’ for celebrating Christmas nowadays. Being drunk is a sin. Drinking too much alcohol is also a sin. Such Christmas parties are ruining the images of Christians as it involves beer and most of the people who attended the parties are only there to drink beer and have ‘fun’. Not only it ruins the Christian image, it also distorts the reason why Christmas is being celebrated as our non-Christian friends might mistakenly see it as how we celebrate a religious celebration. It is not. Next time, no beer please. Or rather, just a descent small Christmas gathering with families and friends to bring the relationship closer without any form of alcohol being served. I prefer those types of parties.

For me, Christmas parties or Christmas presents are not essential for me as what's important to me is to really understand the true meaning of Christmas by heart and faith. In fact, remembering the birth of Christ and the reason for His birth should always be in our hearts and minds all year round. However, celebrating it in a descent way with family and friends makes the celebration more meaningful as God teaches us to love one another.

~Merry Christmas to all of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Let's celebrate this Christmas with Him in our hearts.~

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