Farewell lunch gathering~

9:48 PM

Rachel, Ilanggo and Jennie~

We had a farewell gathering for Ilanggo, Jennie and Rachel at The Choice.. As I have mentioned before, they'll be moving to IPG Sarawak, Miri next year and will be twinning with UKM. No matter, because there's a big possibility that we will meet up with them again when we're in UiTM because UKM and UiTM Shah Alam is not that far. It's located in the same state which is Selangor~ wee~ This will be our last gathering together. 1 and a half year was great with them. Below are pictures~~!!

That's Rachel at the back~

Mus and Afiq doing their 'thang'~ hahaha

While waiting for the food.

Indian Briyani rice!!

Cheese cake..yummy~~ @.@

To Rachel, Jennie and Ilanggo...we'll miss you!!!

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