My holiday plans~

5:41 PM

Exam is a week ahead and I don't have the mood to study because I have studied all the topics that will be coming out in the exam... I studied for the recent test which is the preparation for the upcoming exam. Now I have ran out of topics to study for...LOL~~~ slightly regretful but at least I have studied. x)

The holidays are coming in less than 30 days...can't wait for the holidays! Semester break! End of foundation! I already have plans for this upcoming holiday.

a) One of them is that I want to do a few photography project. Because I'll be getting my Nikon D3100 this December! Inspirations are already coming to me and now I just have to let it out. Before that, I will be learning more theories and rules in photography. After that, try to break the rules with creativity. Hahahhaha~~~

b) I wanna read a book! Self enrichment books and also motivational ones. Novels are also acceptable. Because I somehow find pleasure in reading. Increases my vocabulary as well...and challenges my way of thinking.

c) Training!!! I'm going to upgrade my moves and learn new ones and also learn new tricks~

Not going to waste my holiday sleeping, fb-ing 24/7 and lazying around the house. I'm going to make full use of my holiday~ yeahoo~~~~

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