Thick make up VS Natural look make up VS No make up at all!

4:31 PM

Make up does make a woman look prettier plus it boosts one's confidence in terms of their looks. I admit that I do wear make up whenever I go for an outing or to class. At least a thin line of eye liner on my eyelids, above the eyelashes and lipgloss.

I saw a video on Youtube about how girls transform themselves from a face with no make up at all to a face which doesn't look like them at all! No surgery involved, just palettes of make up, biggie eye contact lenses and long fake eye lashes. It's magic how these three things can change someone's appearance. It's like optical illusion... @_@

Observe the transformation~

Amazing? Fake? Lost of natural beauty? Too much??? Well, it's not wrong to apply this method of transformation on our faces plus they do look prettier and kawaii (cute). Who would not have the desire to be pretty right?? There are pros and cons though.


-You'll look prettier.
-Boost of confidence.
-Delighted to hear praises from people.


-Not the real you.
-People will then say something like 'she looks prettier in make up but ugly without make up.' *ouch*

In my opinion, it's ok to apply this method of transformation on our faces once in a while for special occasions and not everyday. Plus it takes too much time and concentration especially on the fake eyelashes and biggie eye contact lenses. Getting praises from people saying that you're pretty surely is pleasurable. (Kambang ba tu hidung kan? hahaha~~) But then if its only because of make up, I'd surely feel guilty because the look that their praising isn't really ours. I personally don't like to put too much make up on (except for special occasions). I'd like to make it lighter as possible and still keep the natural look that I possess while wearing make up.

Here are my pictures followed by the increasing thickness of make up:

Zero make up!!!

Just mascara~

Eyeliner (on the eyelids, above the eyelashes and below the eye), mascara, lipgloss

Eyeliner (on the eyelids, above the eyelashes and below the eye), mascara, lipgloss, lipstick & biggie eye lense!

No pics of me wearing fake eyelashes though.
I prefer the look in the 2nd picture of me wearing only mascara. But I also prefer the 1st picture. :p
The 3rd and 4th pictures were the pictures before I switched to deciding only to apply eyeliner on my eyelids, above the eyelashes. But I do apply eyeliner below my eyes occasionally.

Girls, don't deny that make up makes us feel pretty~ gyahahhaa~~ But I do know some of us might hate the idea of wearing make up. It all depends on the person. Cheers~

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