Struggling still learning

7:03 PM

I'm still learning to speak my own mother tongue. I'll be ashamed if I forget my own culture, where I come from, my ancestors' language. I was taught to speak English at home since I was little. And it has always been my medium of communication between my household family and also between my relatives. I'm grateful of being taught to speak English at home because I think without it I would not be where I am today. A future English teacher. But even so, I do not want to forget my ancestors' language. Many of the youngsters around my age are not fluent in speaking Kadazandusun. They are able to understand the language but they could not speak that well. Usually they would just know the basics. Honestly, I'm quite envious of the youngsters around my age who could speak their mother tongue fluently. I wanna have that ability!!! The language will soon become extinct if the fellow youngsters do not have the heart to learn the language. Then people will say - 'You call yourself a Kadazandusun but you don't even know how to speak the language?!' *merah trus muka* I wish to not encounter any of that.

My parents do not speak 100% Kadazandusun tome at home. Therefore, I myself have to have the initiative to learn the language on my own. For the past few years, I've been learning the language verbally. Which is not enough. I have few ways in which I can improve my Kadazan and am currently doing it.

Firstly, I have my mom as my walking Kadazan dictionary at home. xD
2nd, I have a few friends who can speak Kadazan fluently...they are also my walking Kadazan dictionary. Ngiahahaha~~~
3rd, Facebook pages. There are few pages on Facebook which I joined and make it as a tool for me to learn the language.
4th, speak more Kadazan at home...even if it is just the basics.
5th, listen attentively when people speak Kadazan. By doing that, I am able to learn new words and also the grammar.
6th, I have a book titled 'How to speak Kadazan'. Another tool for me learn the language. It teaches the Kadazan grammar and stuff like that.

Over the past few years, my Kadazan is improving...I think. I know more Kadazan words than before.

I've mentioned somewhere in my blog that I am half Rungus and half Kadazan. There are not much differences between the two languages. Just few variations. Kadazan speaking people can understand Rungus speaking people and Rungus speaking people can understand Kadazan speaking people. The differences of both languages are similar to Malay language to Indonesian Malay language and also Portuguese to Spanish. I would love to learn both languages, but language at a time. My dad speaks Rungus fluently but learned Kadazan after meeting my mom. He has no problems transitioning both languages back and forth.

Izou nopo nga tanak kadazandusun,baalajal zou noh kopizo do moboos do kdzn.mantad onini poh, inglish nopo booson ku.Baino,nakagazo zou nodi, sosondii zou balajal do moboos doh Kadazan.
di maso kakal zou poh poinsikul,sinikulan ku zi ina ku huu id sikul sina.aiso gea ponontuduk om ponontuduk do kadazan id sikul sina.nasib poh tu kiva kinouvangan ku ih apandai moboos do kdzn obuli nogi do mokisunud om mokituduk zotiho.di poguhu nopo,togoron kadazan songkuo kadazan ku.ogumu boos ku ih nakahasa.nakaamung do BM om BI kadazan ku. Nga palan2 zou doh balajal. (Credits to N.L for correcting) x)

Kalati toi diozu nunu komozon ku ti?

O ya, I've found out 1 fact. The people of Kadzandusuns here in Sabah, our ancestors were said to have been originated from Taiwan previously known as Formosa Island and sailed through the Phillipines before landing in Borneo. Cool fact huh?

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