Thought of this while trying to sleep....

12:03 AM

I've been single for a year plus now. I haven't found a right guy that I think who is suitable for me. But I never knew that I was that 'wanted' by them. None of them seemed to go with my taste. I'm not playing hard to get but I have my reasons why I don't except them.

First, most of them don't share the same faith as me. I want a guy who I can talk to about the faith that we share. Moreover I am only following what my parents and The Bible has taught me. To go for someone who shares the same faith as you. And I've been praying to God so that he'll meet me up with the guy that I'm suppose to be with forever until death. But I also have to play my part in looking for this particular guy a.k.a soul mate. I would want a guy who can teach me about Christianity and mold me to become a better person.

Second, most of them have no guaranteed future and/or job. My parents would not want me and my children to suffer. At least that guy a.k.a my future husband has an enough income to support the whole family.

Easily said, I'm looking for a guy who has almost the same quality as my DAD. Yes, my dad. I'm not a daddy's girl but I do look up to him. I think my mom is the luckiest woman to have been married to a guy like my dad. He has a strong faith, supports the family quite well and is very strict towards us.

Before this I have some boyfriends but most of them are not that...well...they don't have the qualities that I admire. I was too young and was too in love to think properly. I'm glad I broke up with all of them because everything happens for a reason though the break up was hurtful but it'll go away...and yes it certainly did! *big smile*

So when the guy does not posses any qualities that I want, I will automatically reject them. Cruel? No... *big smile*

In conclusion, the two important qualities that I want in a guy is to have the same faith as me and to have a guaranteed job/future for the sake of the family. There are more but these are the two major qualities that I would like in a guy.

P/s: I've been eyeing for this guy who has these two qualities. But if God willing, anything can happen.

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