Class suka-suki trip!!

6:49 PM

We've planned the trip about a month ago. At 1st we planned to go to Poring, Ranau but in the end the plan was canceled because of safety factors. So we had to change plans and decided to have a trip to anywhere. On the 1st day, we went to Karambunai just for sight seeing and enjoying the beautiful view there. After that we went to 1Borneo to go for the PC Fair and doing anything fun. At 1st we decided to go bowling but then we decided to go for karaoke instead. It's a way of releasing stress~~~ On the 2nd day,we went to Monsopiad Cultural Village and Lok Kawi Wildlife Centre.

Most of all, I enjoyed outing with my classmates...since the 3 of us are going to move to IP Miri next year, it's better to spend more time often before they depart from us. ;'(

Before going back

At the Aviary

With the monsopiad cultural dancers.

After puas berkaraoke at 1Borneo...

Waiting for our drinks..
pose infront of the sea!!!

Huge chess board!!!!
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