Oh! I have a Chinese descent???

10:44 AM

I don't know what to blog about actually but I really wanted to update my blog so I'm going to blog about my Chinese descent.

My mom told us about our great5x grandfather(maternal) who came to North Borneo from Hong Kong few centuries ago. He was an immigrant off course. He got married to a Kadazan lady whom was my great5x grandmother. So that makes me the 8th generation starting from my HongKongese great5x grandfather. I never thought I had a Chinese descent.

One of my uncles look like a Chinese. My two younger brothers look Chinese...but I don't. Haha! But that proves the Chinese genes from my great5x grandfather are still strong.

My brothers would always encounter Chinese people that spoke Chinese to them...but they couldn't understand! I think it would always be awkward for them when they're in that situation. That never happens when I'm in Sabah.

But a few years ago I went to KL and did some shopping. The salesgirl was a Chinese and she asked me something in Chinese...glad I understood. Same thing happened to my mom. Hahaha~~ Maybe it's because in the peninsular they don't have Kadazandusuns and our faces won't match with a Malay or an Indian. Or maybe my mom and I have a little Chinese look pasted on our faces. Don't know lahh~~

P/S: I need to brush up on my Mandarin. My pin yin is sometimes wayyy out of tune.

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