Wondered lonely as a cloud~ =p

10:46 PM

After having a nice chat with a friend of mine about dreams...I've decided to write this entry.

Our conversation started off with a story about a girl who tries to commit suicide by taking various types of pills. She broke up with her boyfriend and is devastated. It's a true story which is currently happening at this moment. This is the second occurrence which involves one of my closest friends. I've posted something like this about a year ago ----> CUTS

Ok, moving on...

People who have attempted suicide are people who don't have dreams or just don't think much of the future. Therefore, they have less reason to live.

As for me... Honestly, I never thought of what my dream would be... But that doesn't mean that I don't have any dreams. It's just that I never thought of it thoroughly. While I was chatting with him, I realized that I do have a dream. Well, 'dreams' actually. Which are...firstly, to join my crew at winning b-boy competitions and to do great at bgirling. Secondly, to be a teacher whom not only teaches the students according to the school syllabus but also to teach them the meaning of life. As I've posted in my facebook status before..."I live in two worlds." Which made myself pretty amazed. haha~

One of the things that I will not sacrifice my life for is my studies. It'll ruin my dream if I sacrificed it. That is one of the things that I'm scared to lose. I'll disappoint my family and myself. I promised myself not to waste any opportunity that I have already obtained.

To achieve a dream, 1st, we must understand the problem (the obstacles that u are going to face in achieving ur dream). 2nd, devise a plan. 3rd, carry out the plan. Well, sometimes the plan doesn't work out, therefore, we have to use the trial and error method. That is, to try and try again when the plan fails. Like they say, failure is the key to success. 4th, check the answer. Wait, what answer???? The outcome of ur plan laaa... If u have already succeed in achieving ur dreams, congratulations~~~ If u haven't, go back to the 1st step. (Btw, this is based on George Polya's model of problem solving method which can be applied in real life situations as well. Thanks to Basic Maths and Mr. K~! haha~ xD ) My crew is currently going through all of these.


Another thing...I've decided to throw out all of my indecent clothes. Luckily I only have a few. I look at girls who wears clothes that bares half of their bodies...I thought..."is that how u attract guys???" Yeah, I agree, guys do get attracted by their bodies but guys like that are just mindless zombies and are only requesting for sex....erks...sorry if I exaggerated. Something made me realize today that personality and not to forget brains are that matters the most in attracting guys. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I'm grateful that I have parents who have taught me well. Yea, I did some pretty bad things that would not please my parents but I hope to change for the better.

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