Eating disorders

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I became so eager everytime I came across with an eating disorder related stories or articles. LOL. I guess I was just interested in knowing the lives of people with those types of disorders. The basic thing my opinion...they wanted to be pretty, attractive and that way they will feel confident about their bodies...who doesn't want that right??? But yeah, there are always the down sides of wanting to be pretty.

I'm going to tell you my life story...erks...=_=...I know what ur thinking...chill2~


This happened few years back. I was very active in basketball. We had to practice every morning before class started because there was a competition coming up. Since the day that I started to become active in basketball, I became lazy to eat anything. It's not because of I had the desire to become thin or anything but it was just that I was lazy to chew anything inside my mouth. =_=" I would skip breakfast and lunch. I wonder how I managed to stand the hunger back then??? The least I would consume was chocolate malt drink called Milo for breakfast and canned drinks for lunch. Never ate anything that involves chewing. O_o The only meal I took everyday was dinner and that was only because my mom forced me to eat. My eating daily routine was like that for a few months.

My weight was 42kg before my diet changed. Then it was reduced to 40kg. After a few months, it reduced again to 38kg. O_O Off course my weight reduced it was because I ate less and was active in basketball. I never noticed that I lost weight and became thin like a stick until my relatives told me that I looked thinner than the last time they saw me. My uncle was even shocked of my thin appearance. It was hard to believe at 1st but after I went on the weighing scale, I noticed I lost a few kilograms. My weight was 42kg before my diet changed. Then it was reduced to 40kg. After a few months, it reduced again to 38kg. O_O I was thin like a stick!!!! My cheek bones started to become visible and my chin my mom would say it...'sharp'. I might look like a person who has suffered from anorexia way back then. But I did not purge or throw up or experiencing any symptoms like that of an anorexic patient. And I noticed that I had a flat stomach back then. If I had checked my Body Mass Index back then, it would be 17. That's underweight and not normal. For those of you who had seen me in person recently will definitely say that I'll look like a living skeleton if my weight is still 38kg.

I gained weight during the school holidays because of...milk! Haha~ I drank it everyday. So I was back to my original weight which was 42kg. Say thanks to milk for not making me look a living skeleton!!!

I gained from 42kg to 45kg last year before I entered college. My current weight is imagine how I would look like if my weight is still 38kg. I lost 1kg recently which I think was due to my breakdance training. However, my BMI is 20 and still normal. :) and I am a person who could not stand hunger!!

As you can see...I never have had any eating disorders. Eating disorders is caused by a variety of emotional factors and influences. I just had an unbalanced diet and unhealthy eating style. Never had any emotional problems. I was happy go lucky all the time. And heck I was never unsatisfied with my weight. The title was just to give you guys some suspense. haha! sorry~ =p

In my opinion, having some fat in your cheeks makes you look attractive. As long as your BMI is normal. For those of you who are uncomfortable of your weight, choose the healthy way of loosing those pounds yea? Peace~~~~ (^____^)v

Here is the website which includes true stories of anorexic and bulimic patients. Some of the images might be disturbing though. Click here.

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