End of 2nd semester foundation~

8:18 AM

It's the end. Holiday is here for one month. This semester had been a challenging semester for me. It was because of the mock exam, language camp and Macbeth drama presentation...o ya, and the freakin MQA. I've been stressing out too much this semester. There were so many things to do. But I managed to calm down.

One thing that I really have to do next semester...is to really focus on my final exam. Mock exam results had already come out and I was not really quite satisfied with my marks. I'm weak in English Studies a.k.a Literature. Now I know that I have to improve on it. Or maybe I'm not weak at it but I just did not give enough points during the exam. I never had any problem studying that subject. What went wrong???? Hmmm.....=_=; I never thought the lowest subject that I get would be English Studies. The others were harder. Language Description a.k.a Grammar was the hardest subject to study for. But...I managed to pass that subject and get the highest mark in class (muahahaha...tembirang skijap..xD).



Yah, the most challenging assignment for this semester. I had to act. Through out the 19 years of my life....this is my 3rd time acting. pehh~~ Acting is fun, but it's not what I'm good at. I played as a witch and a murderer.

The poster I designed for the drama with the help of my friends.

My class..after the dramatization.

Witch..with beard~

I wanted to be ugly in that way...haha...just for the play...

The poster was printed for publicity.

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