Surprise!!!!! xD

8:26 PM

It's Yazeed's birthday. The whole class planned a surprise birthday party for him. The whole class decided to pull a prank on him. At 1st, the whole class went to Jesselton Point without him knowing.

The prank went like this...Aina called him and told him that her bag was stolen together with her wallet. The only thing she had on her was her cellphone. Therefore, she called him up and asked him immediately to come to JP and helped her out. It was a so-called 'emergency'. He was at the hostel when she called him. Without hesitating, he immediately went straight to JP together with his room mate (who also helped us to make this prank-surprise birthday party a success). When he arrived at JP, we were all excited to give him the surprise. But we waited long before he realized he was actually being pranked. Good thing he did not spot us from a far from the JP bay entrance. We were all putting our heads down so that he could not spot us. He was at the entrance with Aina & Akmar to wait for Fred. According to the plan, Fred 'supposedly' went somewhere to make a police report after he & Aina's bag were stolen. But actually Fred was late, so...the plan had to be that way. (Lol~~) After minutes of waiting, he finally went to our spot and we sang him the birthday song (ignoring the crowd) and showed him a video...dedicated to him which was done by Aina.

So yeah, the prank was a success!!! :D And the mini-party went well... Even though it was drizzling...but still, it was something special.

To me, it was the perfect surprise birthday party!!!!
I hope there will be more surprise birthday parties like this in the future!! But with even better pranks!!! Hahhaha~~~

Waiting for the food to arrive...

Mukanya yg paling bidak!! hahaha!! xD

Cheese cake...i chose the flavour...hehe

Time to cut the cake!!!

Waiting for the birthday boy~

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