School Visit to SK Pekan 2, Ranau

4:12 PM

This week was TESL Camp week. Honestly, I really didn't feel any excitement at all during the whole camp. My emotions were moderate *_*. What more to what had happened to me during Talentime Night....urks... (x_x)


The most interesting part was the school visit to SK Pekan 2, Ranau. It was my first time to be called as a teacher. "TEACHER ZELL" hahhaha....xD

The pupils were very cooperative. My group conducted spelling bee. We were given 20 minutes for each group of pupils. The 1st group that we handled was very hyperactive. One thing that I realized was boys are usually the hyperactive ones whilst the girls are the quite ones. Some of them were even shy and did not dare to speak out loud...can't hear you girl!!! (Now I know what being a teacher feels like). 20 minutes just to run a spelling bee was quite long and boring... Therefore we started off by introducing ourselves to the pupils and let them introduce themselves as well. The objective was to kill time. In the end, we not only did spelling bee, but told them to sing-along as well which was not part of the group plan. It was quite messed up but FUN.

I must say, I was proud to be called as a teacher. I realized that handling primary school pupils were not that easy as it looks. Now I know what a teacher feels. I think handling secondary students is even more challenging...I'll just wait for it in another 4 years time.

After the school trip, we went to Kundasang War Memorial Park (my 2nd visit there, I blogged about it a few months ago ----> 1st semester holiday break) and Kinabalu Park (I think it was my 3rd visit).

The 3 TESL groups...

My group...we are 'Glamorous'!! xD

The whole class featuring Mr Ong and Madam Sharifah at Kinabalu Park

One of the pupils from the hyperactive 1st group...Aidil is his name...

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