Momma...I love u~

7:00 PM

Without you...I'd not exist in this world...

Honestly, I'm a bit envious when some of my friends are very close to their moms. Especially when they call each other and talk for hours on the phone just to know how they're doing. Its good to see that they have a close mother-daughter relationship. My mom and I never had that sort of relationship. We do not call each other every day and every night. I don't even talk to her about my personal life and I have reasons for that. Kinda shy to talk to her about it. Yes I'm sometimes stubborn and do not listen to her... We even argued about little things. But that is something normal within a family institution. And yet, we still love each other. :')

My mom came to college this afternoon to deliver something to me. I kind of miss my family. I had a good feeling when she came to college. A happy feeling...even though she only came for a while. I even offered her a hug before she left. It was kind of awkward to offer her a hug(because I seldom do something like that) but I felt good about it.

For the time being, I get to see her and also the rest of my family quite often because my college is not located far from my house. It's in the same city. Lol~ But when I'll be at UKM...thousands of miles away from KK...acrosss the South China Sea...huh...that is when I'll be really really missing them.

FYI, many of my mom's friends said that we look alike and I'm a spitting image of her when she was younger. I don't know about that but if I had a picture of her during her younger years I could let u guys compare our faces.

No matter what happens, always love your family~

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