TESL NIGHT 2010 : Blast from the past!

9:51 PM

I have nothing much to say about the event. But it was surely a blast!!! Especially at the end of the event. People dancing on the dance floor and on the stage to the retro music...but then later came the club songs...hahahah~~~ The event was held at The Palace Hotel. Started at 7pm. The date? 26th March 2010. On Friday. This event is held as a tradition among the Teslians here in Institute Pendidikan Guru Gaya Campus. Teslians gather around once a year in this eventful tradition.
My class performed a dance. Retro/Modern/Breakdance dance. xD

The theme was Retro 80's & 70's.

I don't look retro at all.

The guys of my class...

The girls of my class~

My crazy class!!!
All of us!!! BI (SM) rules!!!
LoVe them all...

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