Purple and Fuchsia (or is it pink?)

11:33 PM

Purple..purple...purple... My lecturer said the colour means...horny. I don't know from where he get that idea. Lol~ But purple does look sexy~ It makes u look more feminine, elegant, mature. Purple attracts my attention. Anything purple. I would look at it like this ------> (@_@)

Lol~ no la... But really, I'm attracted to purple. Purple roxx!!!

Besides that, I'm beginning to love fuchsia, a darker version of pink. But off course I know some of you don't see any difference. I love darker colours by the way. But I don't love it as much as purple. Fuchsia gives u a girly look. Same function as pink I guess. Hehe~ From what I've read, this type of colour attracts guys. They are like female pheromones but in the form of colour. Am I exaggerating?? Oops. Haha~

Mind u, i used to hate these types of colours. Coz it shows ur girlishness. I used to have something against that. But now, what the heck...grow up~ haha~

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