Puppy love

11:46 AM

I shared this story in Borneo Colours (Borneoans, go check it out!) in the 'First time' group but it couldn't be published. There might be some technical problems or maybe there was just a problem with the server when I clicked the 'Add Comment' button. Anyhoo~~~~ The topic was 'First time: Boyfriend/girlfriend'. I wanted to share this because as I told the story, I find it amusing. Lol~

My 1st boyfriend was kind of a puppy-love thing. We were 13. We went to the same school but both in different classes. We seldom talked to each other in school. I would even pretend not to see him when he's around but hoping he would be looking at me (gedik...haha~). I did not own a handphone at that time and so did he. So, no sms-ing like any other couples would do. We never even called each other. The only way we communicated was through letters. We were even shy to talk to each other!!! We never had any physical intimacy because heck, we were only 13. We did not know how couples would interact with each other. We were both 2 innocent 13 year olds (iya la tuhh...haha) *kikuk* We never went on any dates. The relationship was quiet awkward because it was my first time having a SO-CALLED boyfriend but then at the same time I didn't know how to be a SO-CALLED girlfriend. Well, I was inexperienced when it comes to coupling. Even so, I did love him. I even wrote a song about him after we broke up. The feelings were deep but then I didn't know how to show it to him. Just by writing love letters to him I guess was not enough. Haha~

Yeah, so that was puppy love.

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