Eye problem

11:42 AM

I have just started to wear contact lenses. The ones I've got are biggie eye contact lens. They are blue in colour. I somehow look like a cartoon when using them. Lol. Make my eyes look bigger.

Anyway, I did something stupid. I used the solution for the lenses on my right eye. I repeat~ The solution was for lenses only! Not for the eyes~~~~~ uwaaaa...... And so, my right eye became swollen and reddish. I even wore my contact lenses when my eyes were already starting to swell badly on the next day. At 1st I was worried because I thought it might be an infection caused by the contact lens. But the doctor said it was due to the lens solution. It was an allergic reaction and not because of bacterias. So...that was when I started to feel very stupid of myself. Silly mistake!

So now...what's the effect from applying a lens cleansing solution into ur 'contact-lensless' eyes?
What I'm experiencing now is...short-sightedness. I see blurry distant objects. It's not that blurry but the images are not sharp enough. It will be a problem for me to see small wordings if I read the words from a farther distance. I did not experience this before the night of my 'stupidity'. And the change happens overnight. Amazing huh? So guys, the moral of the story...read the instructions of any solution or medicine before you apply it into or onto any parts of ur body.

Now I have to change the lens degree of my glasses and probably buy new contact lenses that matches the degree of my right eye.

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