Congratulations to my brother!!!

3:24 PM

As most of u guys would know, the SPM 2009 result just came out this Thursday. Boy I remembered the time when I first got my result. Heck, this is not about me...

My brother obtained 11 straight As for his the whole family has expected. Hahaha... I as his sister, am truly proud of his excellence. Before this I was annoyed by his "OH!!-I'M-SO SCARED-OF-SPM!!!" shenanigans. =_=" So I told him..."YOU ARE GOING TO BE FINE!!!" GAHHHH~~~~~ and yeah, it turned out fact, it was better! Haha~~

So I decided to treat him. KFC!!! I know it's not much but I think that's the only thing that I could do since he's the type of person who does not ask for much. He would deny if I'd asked him to go watch a movie...or shopping for clothes...or doing anything fun. FUN and HIM don't mix. He is all about...BOOKS...KNOWLEDGE...SCIENCE...u get the picture. He is a one weird kiddo~ Smart, but weird. How weird? He is like a 40 year old man who is trapped in a teenager's body. Hahahahaha~~~ no, really. I'm serious. I don't think there are many teenage guys who are like him. His brain is......O_O......ya. He even helped me in my studies when I was in secondary school. I asked for his help as I was kind of a bimbo in Maths. So, I asked the expert...him la. I tend to forget the answering methods of some of the questions. But off course, I would not ask him maths questions that he has not learned yet. In the end, with his help and my effort, I obtained A1 in SPM for my maths subject. THANK U!!!! I am not ashamed of being taught by a person who is younger than me. As long as the knowledge is useful, I am glad to be taught by anyone. Age is not the factor. FYI, he is only a year younger than me. His way of thinking is even more mature than me and I am not ashamed to admit that. *LAUGHS OUT LOUD*

That...was mine. Haha~

Again, he appeared in the newspaper. His 1st appearance was for his PMR result. Uwww.... Did I mention that he is one of the top 10 SPM 2009 scorers in Sabah? Yah.

Yeah, the little (not really little) one tagged along as well.

He is bigger and smarter than me.

I hope he'll achieve his dreams to become a doctor. My lil brother, u still have a looooong wayyy to go. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The whole family is proud of you!!!

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