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8:45 AM

How's my 'new year's resolution' coming along? Still trying to adapt myself. As I have stated before in my last few posts, I never liked reading. I'm quite busy nowadays. Felt really stressful for the past few weeks. Trying to calm myself down slowly...

I've already got my allowance. Decided to buy books with them. Yeah~ At least I'm not spending my allowance on something not beneficial (used to do that before...kikuk---- >,<). With our country's economical crisis, I have to be a smart consumer. I'm getting the hang of reading books actually. The only problem is...TIME. *sigh*

In order to relieve the stress, I decided to go out to the city...ALONE(but coincidentally met up with my ex-form 5 classmate)...and went for window shopping. I was stuck in the hostel for 6 days...and yeah..we had replacement class for Chinese New Year on Saturday...arghhh... Anyway, I did not went window shopping for clothes, but books. Just looking around and browsing. I went to browse in Popular, Eaton and Times. Haven't tried out the new book store in Suria yet...

Here are the pictures of books that I'm planning to buy:

I got interested in social psychology since last semester. We had a course called 'Emotional Intelligence'. I was really enthusiastic with that subject not only because of the sporting and funny lecturer that taught us that course but also what the subject teaches us. I have learned a lot from that subject. Besides psychology, I have decided to buy myself a self-enrichment book. 'The Leader in You'...

But off course, these books aren't, one book at a time.

Peace yaw~~

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