7:55 PM

Sometimes crushes appear just like that. When it comes to these types of feelings, sometimes it can't be controlled. You'd go crazy over that person. It's a type of feeling where it is triggered when we see that person is 'pretty', 'handsome', 'cute'. Or maybe if we had known that person for a long time and we suddenly have feelings for that person. Well, this is how crushes usually happen. It is whether we are attracted by that person's looks or that person's personality.

For me..its both~~ But..he doesn't know me.. I'm invisible... I feel so.....silly... huh~~~ Never mind...its just a crush... If I don't act upon my feelings...nothing will happen... And I don't want anything to happen... It'll ruin my focus on everything... Huhh..... RELAX ZELL....RELAX...

Haiyo..i feel so silly..

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