2:39 PM

Today is the day I turned 19~ A very amusing day for me on my birthday. I'd never felt like this during any of my birthdays. Surprised. Wanna laugh out loud as well. WAKAKAKAKAA!!!! It seemed like my classmates planned a small birthday party for me and another classmate of mine (yeap, we share the same birthday). I thought my birthday was gonna be just another normal day like the years before... this year was different.

How was it different?

Well, I celebrated my birthday together with a classmate of mine...we were born on the same day.
This birthday was a surprise.
Celebrated it at campus (specifically at the college cafeteria).
One of our lecturers joined in the fun.

Most of all, I was touched. *tears*

Birthday 'twins'..xD

Our birthday cake~

time to cut the cake..hehe

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