My 2nd post about shoes...hahahahaha~~~~~~~

10:57 PM

Since its the season of giving...I've decided to donate some of my things that I don't wear anymore. Clothes and shoes. I looked through all my stuff. Instead of throwing them out...I should give them to the less fortunate. These unwanted things of mine are going to find a new owner. Haha~ We're giving them to the people of Kg. Bonduk. My dad's hometown. Why throw when you can give right?

I usually donate clothes...but this time it include shoes as well... That's a 1st. I never knew that I owned more than 10 pairs of shoes. I never thought I would go that far in owning shoes. Haha~ When I was unmatured secondary school days...the only shoe colour that I would look for is BLACK. I was addicted to black... I would feel cocky if I bought other colours other than black. Hmm~~~ But now...i'm trying out some varieties...but off course...the colours must not be so striking. I used to favour sneakers than the simple sandals or high heeled shoes. But now...the favour is equalized...xD

Shoes that I'm giving away~
Yeap...they are mostly black...

See that pair of pink shoes?? (@_@)
These are the shoes that I'm keeping.

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