1:54 PM

Ahaks...I didn't actually go for Xmas shopping. But, I just had to buy new shoes because the shoes that I used for breakin are ruined...holes were everywhere...hahaha. At first, I decided to but PUMA brand shoes for breakin. I asked for suggestions in facebook and they suggested that I should buy Puma. I googled for Puma Clyde...the design was cool. I thought of buying that one. I went to City Mall and looked for it. I found it...BUT...they don't have it on my size. Huhu~~ In fact, all of the Puma brand shoes are bigger in size. I have small feet u see...=_=". They don't have the smaller size in stock. It was disappointing. Huh~ And so...I decided to try for other brands. I was in the shoe store for almost an hour and my brother kept pestering me to make up my mind. Haha~ I looked through the whole store. I was only thinking of the characteristics for the perfect shoes for breakin...which must not be made out of leather! Because rips of easily. Doing footwork is what mostly makes it rip off easily. And the most important characteristic when it comes to buying must fit our feet perfectly well. Not too tight..not too loose...just nice...and comfortable. If it's too a few hours after walking, your toes will feel soar.

At last...I bought Adidas 'Respect M.E'. I guess this pair of shoes is meant for girls because I googled this brand name and all I saw were girls wearing wonder they have it in smaller size. Hahaha...perfect timing. The price for it??? Well...i dare not say...+_+".

It's pink yaw...somehow I felt awkward buying this...but...there were no other colours except for this one..

*~*~Roaming around City Mall~*~*

Big stuffed teddy bears caught my eye!!!

My bro and me waiting for our dad to pick us up...we were tired and hungry yaw~

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