job in the future??? Nooooo!!!!

10:32 PM

Ok, so it has been a while since I've updated my blog. I was quite busy with my assignments. Heck, I still have tons of them.

I was stressed out last week cuz I've got 3 assignments to submit at that time. Ahh~~ now the feeling of stress is...well...not over..but just lessen. Hiu~~~

Something recently shocked me...posting of freshly graduated teachers from local teacher training institutes have to be delayed for two years starting from 2010. This is due to government's current financial problem. It won't affect my batch though...but who knows...probably something like this could reoccur in the future when it's my batch's turn to get posted. Noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

For more info, click here.

Ahhzzz....never mind, all I have to do for now is to focus on my studies...and my assignments...tetz----Still a loOoOoOng way to go before I officially become a teacher. Wahahaha~~~ CIKGU AUZELLEA.... hey! call me CIKGU ZELL.... *spank* lol~ trust me, the students will not be able to pronounce my tougue twisting name correctly. =_=" bkin bida nama aku ja....

Yeah~ now there are 15 of us...
I'm uploading this here cuz I wanna keep track of how we would look like after 5 yrs time...wahahahaa~~~

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