Mid-semester break...

11:56 PM

I wonder how my classmates are doing especially the ones from Peninsular Malaysia... I hope they surely had fun back in their respective hometowns...

This 1 week mid-semester break is almost over...huhuhu~~~

Loads of task were given during this mid sem break...or should I call it...'Holiday Homework'...hmph~ I went to the state library for 3 days straight to look for information and materials for my assignments. *sigh* damn tiring... At least I was able to obtain the information and materials that I was looking for...hehehehehe~~~~


My family and I went to Kudat(which is my dad's hometown) during the weekend. A rememberence ceremony was held for my late grandfather. All of my cousins from my dad's side of the family was there to attend the ceremony. Same goes for my aunts and uncles. Most of the kampung folks who knew my family and my late grandfather were invited. They'd danced the Mongigol and Sumundai dance...including me... I was told to dance cuz I was wearing the Rungus traditional costume...huhuhu~~~ after dancing, i've got leg cramps...adui~~~ and then I never went dancing after that...hahhaha...*escaped*

I got myself drunk that night...well...NOT SO DRUNK actually... It was a good thing that my mom warned me not to drink anymore after 3 glasses of tapai~ (btw, these glasses were small cute glasses...not the normal glasses that u see everyday) So, if i were to use the normal ones, i could've drank 1 1/4 glass of tapai. heh~ That's not much...lol~ The tapai was DAMN DELICIOUS...i want more!!!! *ehem* But off course, it contains alcohol, so, can't consume too much of it. There were too many drunken people that night. Some of the drunken men started hugging...talking like they're arguing(but really they're not)...and the most shocking thing...they KISSED!!! Unfortunately I was not able to witness the kissing part cuz my cousin and I were talking but my other cousin and brother were the ones who witnessed the kissing part. They immediately jumped out of their seats and said 'eeee!!!'. We were like 'knp?? apa jd???' Lol~~ U see what alcohol can do to u?? It plays ur brain like ur some kind of programme. Ur not even aware of what ur doing... U have no control over urself... Aahhhh!! I was lucky to have not been so drunk dat night... I drank water to dilute the alcoholic subtance inside my body. It worked. I became sober. Phew~ Hey, I don't usually drink ok... But that tapai was damn gewd!!! Sweet and bitter at the same time...kekkee~~~ (ok, enough)

Wanna see some pics??? I bet u do...hehe~

My dad(sitting, left side) and his siblings

My dad & me...

Watching drunkards below the yellow tent...free show bha~ haha

Our late grandfather's grave...the two graves at the back belongs to our late grandma and late great granddad's grave.

U spot me?? I felt awkward!!




Tadaa~~ my cousin snapped diz pic of me and i edited it...

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