Almost a month in IPGM Gaya...

9:54 PM assignments yet... I've been waiting for it since two of my room mates have gotten their assignments... Wat about me??? (ok, I know im going to regret later saying dat..hahaha). Im just bored... I wanna get myself busy... (ok, now i'll SURELY know that I'm gonna regret saying dat...kuikuikui~~~)

This is my 1st time living in a hostel. But I tend to go back home every weekend. When something comes up, only then I'll go back. If there's nothing to be done back at home, then I'll just stay at the hostel...and go for an outing with my friends here in campus. This is what they do every weekend...go out to the movies..hang out... It gets boring here in campus when there is no lecture to attend to. Over excessive boredom!!! Lately, i go back every weekend cuz something always come up... Haiz.. i hate going back and forth. How can I miss home when every weekend I have to pack up and go back home?? (ok, i know i should be thankful because i get the oppurtunity to go back home easily unlike my other friends here..they are like soOoOoO dying to go back home. Pity them, I know how they feel. FYI, IPGM Gaya is only a 20 minute drive from my house.) I'm not supppose to go back every weekend eventhough the oppurtunity is 'there'. Ah least I can sleep on my lovely bed at home...kekekeke~~ xD

My daily routine here in campus... Wake up at 6 something o'clock (but my alarm goes off at 5.45am..i snoozed it..haha~)...take my morning bath...soak my recently used clothes...and finally get ready for lectures. After I'm done attending lecturers for the day, I do my laundry (mind u, i don't do this at home..lazy~ haha~~~). I take a nap sometimes in the afternoon. At night, I would rather go online or complete the work that our lecturers instructed us to do. Sometimes my classmates would invite me to join them to dinner at Foh Sang (this place is where all the teacher trainees in Gaya purchase their dinner and other necessities ) . Usually I'll buy my dinner at the cafeteria. If not, I'd have to eat Maggi Mee...this thing is not healthy and it will cause damage to your kidneys if consumed daily. That's an advice from my mom...hehehe~~

After an outing at Foh Sang..

Sup tulang flavoured Maggi... Pls refrain yourself from eating dat daily...

camwhoring with the webcam..kakakaa~ xD
A partial view of my room at the hostel. 1 room...5 heads..wew~ (camwhoring again..xD)

Our lecturers tend to go 'missing' somehow..and this is what I do. ....zzzzzzzz... Credits to Yazeed for this pic(p/s: i'll get u next time..huahuahua!!)

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