Welcome to my class!!

10:38 AM

No lecturer...everyone was doing their own business..including me..xD

Wait....that's not the lecturer.. That's Rachel..my course-mate..hehe

My class...my class...

The 'heroes' of our class...xD

So, as u can see...this is my class..ehem..excuse me.. OUR class. We are known as BI (SM) group. 'SM' stands for Sekolah Menengah as we will be teaching Secondary Schools after we graduate from this institute. Our group is considered 'special' because we are the only group and the 1st batch that goes straight to teaching Secondary Schools after we have graduated. Other groups...they have to start teaching in Primary Schools.

Our class consists of 13 students a.k.a teacher trainees... We will be together for the next 6 years...wew~~~ Let me introduce u guys to my course-mates...

Our class rep..the city boy from KL! Hamy~

Meet Amira(perak), Lin(pahang), and Anis(perak)

Beside Hamy is Dzul(pronounced as 'Zul')..the seniors in the boy's hostel call him 'comel'..lol~~

Aina(Penang) and Raihan (Kedah)
Yazeed(Kedah) and Ilanggo(Perak)

Nad(Sarawak), Rachel (Sabah..like me!! xD), Jennie (Sarawak)

Oh yeah, don't forget to visit our class blog ait...

Peace!!! No war~

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